H1 To Hunt down Orcus ( not a whale )

Episode 2 - Finding Doven

And some cultists

(Starring: Shanair, Exile, Aelar and Vicerol]


The party decides to keep looking for Doven, instead going back to town. They arrive to a depression on the ground that several humanoids gathering around the hole on the ground. The one who seems to be the leader, a gnome, talks to them mentioning Doven. As they move closer they notice a bundle of clothes, that vaguely recembles human, and it moves. Exile notices that a figure standing on the other side of the of the depression. It orders the humanoids to attack.

Aelan accidentaly hits  Exile to the chest with his crossbow which leads to Exile slipping while throwing a chaos bolt and his arm ends up in the guard drakes mouth to the elbow. The drake bites the arm off. Shanair tries to hit the drake who ate Exiles arm but fails and rolls down the hill. Suddenly somthing, or is it someone, rushes down the hill and tackles two of the humans attacking the party.

The gnome dies by the hand of our new ally, the paladin, and shouts his last words: "I have failed you Kalarel!"

The spectral apparation has moved down to the valley and raises the already dead enemies back to life. Aelar manages to shoot it with his arrow and it weakens clearly. There is cracks around the edges.

Shanair kills the drake who ate Exile's arm. First she stuns it by hitting its solar plexus and then grabs its jaws and pulls the arm out. The arm is still grabbing the drakes tongue and pulls it out. When the tongue retreats back to its mouth, the drake suffocates to it. Afterwards she runs to Exile and tries to stabilize him with poor succes.

Suddenly the paladin starts shining with bluish-silver light and strikes his sword to the ground. All the enemies around him fall like flies.

  • 65gp13sp
  • relic: small old mirror, belonged one of the wizards of Nerath
  • amulet of health (+1HP)

Vicerol the paladin throws Exile over his shoulder and starts carrying the tiefling back to Winterhaven. They manage to get to the healer at the Shrine of Avandra in time to save the rest of Exile's hand from gangrene. The healer is able to reattach the arm but alas, it's backwards.

The rest the party get the money from Lord Padraig and afterwards they talk with Doven who desperately wants to go home. He tells the party what he knows, which isn't much, really, at least nothing new.

Lord Padraig is really happy that the kobold problem is solved and hands them the bounty. Sha and Aelar tell him also about the cult they encountered. He seems worried. 

Exile meets Valthurn the sage at the Inn in the morning who mentiones that his cousin Caelon in the capital who could fix his hand. 

The paladin asks Valthurn about the Orcus and the sage offers to seak about them in his scrolls and books. There is also evil at the old ruins near the city.

The adventureres go to the Valthurns tower and find him on the fourth floud

Keep, build during the old empire. Original purpose, it was built over a rift to the shadow world to protetct this world from evil. It was sealed but things seem to be changing, Rumored to house koblins and other nasty creatures. Keep was abandoned 80 years commander sir Keagan went mad and butchered nearly everyone. MIGHT be haunted.

The sage shows them lots of maps and gives them a copy .

Orcus lord of the undead



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