H1 To Hunt down Orcus ( not a whale )

Episode 1 - Winterhaven

Kobolds.. Those little f***ers...

(Starring: Shanair, Exile and Aelar]


Party met in a tavern. The others were talking loudly about going to a mission to Winterhaven where there is reports about Cult of OrcusShanair Amakiir overheard them and wanted to tag along. On the way to the village they run into a pack of kobolds and beat them, just barely. Exile ties one kobold to tree and hangs a warning sign around its neck.

They ask Salvana Wrafton, the Inn keeper of Wrafton's Inn if she has seen Douven Staul who has been reported missing by his wife. He had been seen in the tavern couple of days ago and had some business with fellow named Eilian the Old. Douven hasn't been seen after that meeting.

Eilian had given Douven directions to Old Dragon's grave south of the village. Haven't seen him since. Eilian gives the directions to the party.

The party decides to handle the kobold problem for Lord Padraig. Exile convinces the guards to let them in. Lord Padraig promises to pay the party 120 gp.

They return to the inn before leaving. Unfortunately  Exile's curse kicks ass and he stumbles out covered in his own feces.

Party leaves the town to confront the kobolds. The fight is bloody and Shanair is knocked out at one point. Shanair survives, but just barely.  


  • 5gp 23sp
  • obsidian dragon figure, there is a carving of a skull with goat's horns on the bottom (belongs to the cult of Orcus
  • 3x scale armor, heavy shield, short sword
  • light armor, light, shield, spear
  • crimson hide armor, magical (+1 AC)
  • spear
  • Bone mask that looks like dragon

They make a camp and heal their wounds. In the morning they continue to the kobolds camp. They come to a river and they encounter kobolds, again. Shanair tries to ask them to leave but instead the kobolds attack.

As the kobolds charge over the river Exile casts lightning to the river and the little kobold corpses float down the river.

On the other side of the river there is circle of shiny runestones which purpose is to bring good luck to attacks. There is also curious waterfall. They hear that the kobolds' home is behind the waterfall.


  • 4gp 17sp

The party goes behind the waterfall. They try to negotiate but the kobolds don't want to.

The battle is bloody and Exile almost dies. Aelar escapes the battle at some point but luckily returns in the end. With her last strength Shanair manages to kill Irontooth, the kobold leader. 


  • 12gp 48sp
  • letter scroll

    • "My spy in Winterhaven suggests we keep an eye out for visitors to the area. It probably does not matter. In few more days, I'll compleltely open the rift. Then Winterhaven's people will serve as food for those Lord Orcus sends to do my bidding."
  • silver key to the chest
  • chest

    • 420 gp
    • dwarven chain mail (+1 AC, +1 endurance check, daily power: free action, you get as much HP as you would from healing surge)

Total: 441gp88sp

Places of interest

Winterhaven surrounded by two sets of walls, inside the inner wall is the establishment of lord Padraig. Well liked fellow.

Market square, nothing too exotic but the basics

Valthrun's wizard tower, currently inhabited by Valthrun the Prescient. Rumored to be some kind of magician and seer.

Bairwin's Grand Shoppe, the best shop in town.

Warriors' Guild, some times trains the town folk, the whole town has about 12 guards.

Temple of Avandra, has a healer who does rituals.

Rafton's Inn, Salvana Rafton




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