H1 To Hunt down Orcus ( not a whale )

Episode 3 - To the evil's lair

New friends and goblins

Starring: Shanair, Exile, Aelan, Maevoi Bac, Vicerol and Khautdrag

Exile is still at the infirmary and the rest of the party is enjoying their breakfast when they hear commotion at the gate of the village. Two adventurers  are at the gate: Maevoi Bac, a goliath cleric of Pelor, and Khautdrag Wyvernbelt, a dvarven paladin, who have also been sent to look for Douven. 

Shanair  explains their situation to Maevoi while the dwarf still tries to get in the village. When they finally have all gathered together they decide to leave first thing in the morning. After walking half a day they arrive to the ruins.

They decent down the stairs to the ruin and come to a corridor and there is a goblin. Aelan shoots it with an arrow and Shanair finihses it with an awesome kick straight to the face. Maevoi decides to investigate the weird sound coming from the middle of the room. It turns out to be a trap pit full of rats.

Vicerol stuffs his pölyhuiska down a goblin's throat. It happens to have feather allergy and suffocates and dies. Sha kicks the the last goblin to the pit with Maevoi. 




They find room that has blood stains that lead to a room where they can hear tortured screams. The party  enters the room and find goblins 


key to the cells


Blood cut hide armor (+1 AC, value 420gp



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